Main Dining Room

“I love seeing customers happy at the end of a long day, it is very rewarding.”

Michelle Williams – Visit Richmond

“For women to succeed in this business, they have to give 125 percent effort. You have to have a love and a passion for what you do.”

Michelle Williams – V Magazine For Women

“The more restaurants we’ve accumulated over time has made it a little less demanding on us,” Golden said. “We’ve got more staff, more resources. Now if a cook doesn’t show up, we’ve got people all over, not just the resources at one restaurant.”

Jared Golden – Richmond Times-Dispatch

“What it can deliver, and does, is a tasteful, creative menu designed and prepared by people unafraid of flavor.”

Patrick Getlein – Style Weekly

“I feel like I have to have my finger into everything every day; otherwise it’s going to slip out of my control to metamorphose into something else,” she says during a lull.

Michelle Williams – Style Weekly